Speaker Focus: Marcin Kilarski

We asked our speaker Marcin Kilarski, who runs his company Web Innovation in Cork Ireland, a few questions about WordPress and WordCamps.

How are you currently using WordPress?
Opening a digital window for business owners.

What role are you using WordPress as?
SEO Strategist and Front End Developer

How do you think WordPress has evolved over its 13 years?
It has become much more flexible and powerful, allowing us to create some pretty awesome stuff.

Would you like to see anything different in how WordPress has evolved?
Not really. In my opinion, it went in the right direction.

What excites you most about WordPress?
That we have such a strong and active community. Developers are constantly coming up with features and plugins, making new things possible or easier to do online.

Have you been to other WordCamps? If so which ones or how many?
Yes, I attended WordCamp Europe this year, and it was my first WordCamp.

Would you consider yourself to be active within the WordPress Community?
I am trying to stay active in the community and help others who are just coming in, however I can.

If you currently contribute to the WordPress Community, in what way?
Co-organising local meetups, promoting and teaching WordPress to local startups and SMEs.

What made you want to get involved with WordCamp Belfast?
Passion for WordPress and the fantastic community.

What are you most looking forward to at WordCamp Belfast?
Getting to know other attendees, and chatting about business.