Take a couple off days of work, and go to WordCamp

Fancy going to WordCamp Belfast, but don’t want to lose your days off?
Then we’ve got your back… just ask your boss for a couple of days off in lieu.

With our WordCamp being held over a Saturday and Sunday, there’s no doubt that it would make for long working week if you are working Monday to Friday, only to attend a WordCamp conference at the weekend. Followed by going back into work on Monday morning again.

So with that in mind, we have prepared this letter for you to convince your boss to give you a couple off days of in lieu.
What’s more, we have even sweetened the deal for your boss if he allows three or more of his staff time of to go to WordCamp.

To make producing and printing of this letter even easier, it has been saved on Google Drive for you to copy or download and edit as required.
View the letter on google drive.


In the interest of employee education, networking and increasing my skill set, I would like to attend WordCamp Belfast on 1st & 2nd October 2016.

WordCamps are conferences that focus on everything WordPress – there are hundreds held all over the world throughout the year, they are informal, community-organised events that are put together by the local WordPress users. Everyone from casual users to core WordPress developers participate in them to share ideas and get to know each other.

The event itself will run over two days in Queens University, Belfast. With the first day being a series of talks. These talks cover such topics as content creation, social media, SEO, Google Organic Search, the WordPress community, privacy laws, plugin development, and also the WordPress Rest API.

And that’s just day one…

Plans for the second day include charity website builds, a WordPress happiness bar and workshops on site security and SEO.

During all of this I/we will have the chance to get to know a huge amount of individuals from both the local and international WordPress communities. There will be plenty of opportunity to network and connect with influential people, with whom we can collaborate and leverage our skill sets to mutually benefit each other.

The incredible thing is, that all of this costs a mere £27.50 (for both days). At that price I can guarantee you that the things I/we learn, and the connections we make at WordCamp will more than pay for themselves as our business continues to expand.

If we send 3 or more of our staff, we can get a 20% discount on each ticket – you just need to contact the conference organisers on wordcampbelfast@gmail.com to be sent the coupon code. Just tell them the name of our company and how many of us will be attending.

Alternatively, we could sponsor the event and get free tickets.

Since WordCamp Belfast will require me to give up my weekend to attend, for the greater good of our company. I ask that the two days can be taken at another (suitable) time – subject to our workload.

You can read more about the conference at https://2016.belfast.wordcamp.org and I’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Looking forward to your response.