Sponsor Focus: WPML

We asked #WCBelfast’s and Global WordCamp sponsor WPML a few questions on WordPress and WordCamps…

How are you currently using WordPress?
As a WordPress company we are, we have currently two WordPress plugins. WPML that makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. But also Toolset, the Easiest Way to add Custom Types to WordPress

What excites you most about WordPress?
Its community. I think WordPress has built something different, and that community spirit is what has allowed it to become what it is today.

Have you been to other WordCamps? If so which ones or how many?
As Global sponsors and being a remote working company, we have the opportunity to sponsor WordCamps all over the world. It is exciting to see our team attending in WordCamps: last week we had Denise speaking in WordCamp Frankfurt, this weekend Dat will be speaking at WordCamp Singapore.

Would you consider yourself to be active within the WordPress Community?
Yes, I think our team is pretty active, however it is never enough. I think that there is always a chance to give back a bit more, that’s precisely what keeps WordPress as the it is nowadays. That community feeling of improvement and change.

If you currently contribute to the WordPress Community, in what way?
We are a team with more than 80 members all over the world, we have from core contributors, to people working with the community, plugins, themes..
But also we encourage people to attend, organise and speak in WordCamps. Any way we can contribute to the community is more than welcome.