Speaker Focus: Danny Dagan

We asked our speaker Danny Dagan, Senior Web Strategist at 10up, a few questions about WordPress and WordCamps.

How are you currently using WordPress?
I work remotely for 10up, a leading WordPress agency (Key WordPress releases were led by 10up engineers). It follows that all the projects I manage are WordPress projects. Working from home, I sometimes use WordPress in my shorts. Yep, that’s how I use WordPress. In my shorts.

How do you think WordPress has evolved over its 13 years?
From an egg to a dragon. You can see the maturity, and the sage followers.

What excites you most about WordPress?
With the new REST API, suddenly we can suddenly interface with just about everything. Not long is the day when WordPress will interact with your toaster (or at least with your personal cyborg, who in turn will interface with your toaster).

Have you been to other WordCamps? If so which ones or how many?
I’ve been to WordCamps in the UK and California. I love the spirit of these events, with all us geeks breaking bread together and looking nervously about.

What made you want to get involved with WordCamp Belfast?
When they ask me: “where were you when Belfast launched its first WordCamp” I’d like to be able to say: “I was there, at the inaugural. I was there, indeed.”