Call for volunteers

Our call for volunteers has now closed, huge thanks to all who offered their help.

Do you want to be part of the amazing team of people making WordCamp Belfast a success? Discover even more of what WordCamp Belfast has to offer by signing up to be one of the crucial volunteers making it all happen.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Each with different time commitments, experience requirements, and logistics. The only two requirements for all volunteers are to be reliable and friendly. If that sounds like you, fill out the volunteer application form to express your interest and our volunteer co-ordinators will get back to you to discuss requirements, roles and making it happen.

Want to know more about what volunteer roles are available, and what’s involved? Check out the list below to see more details about the different volunteer opportunities:

Registration & T-shirts – Check in registered attendees and hand out name tags. In the afternoon the registration desk converts to the t-shirt handout station. (Both Days)

Happiness Bar – Help other WordPress users with their sites. (Sunday only)

Emcee & Time Keeper -Introduce speakers/sessions and keep things running on time. Keep an eye on the clock and give speakers a countdown when they are down to their last 10, 5, 2 and 1 minutes remaining. When time is available emcee questions from the room. Brevity and wit a must.

Room Moderator  – Work with the emcees, video people, speakers, and everyone else working in the room to keep things running smoothly and on time! (Both Days)

Mic Runner – During Q&As run the mics around the room to wherever the next question is. (Both Days)

Photographers – We’d love to get some beautiful photos of WordCamp Belfast that we can share on our blog and use in posts and articles about the event afterwards. Images will also be shared to the WordCamp Flickr. Of course, if there is another WordCamp Belfast in the future, the images will help us greatly with promotion and designs. All images will include image credits back to the photographers. (Both Days)

Videographers – We hope to be able to record all of the talks as well as the other events happening over the weekend of WordCamp Belfast. Footage will be uploaded to for everyone around the world to enjoy. And of course, if there’s another WCBelfast, the footage will help promote the event. (Both Days)

Green Room Guard – Keep a watch over the room where speakers and volunteers leave their stuff. (Saturday only)

Hall Monitor – Answer attendees’ questions about the schedule, the venue, etc, and help direct traffic to the various conference rooms. (Both Days)

Room Runners – Work with the emcees, video people, speakers, and everyone else working in the room to keep things running smoothly. Make sure there’s water for speakers, and provide support as needed for other event staff. Also ensure people entering and leaving rooms while talks are in progress, do so quietly (prevent banging doors).

Airport Pickups – Some speakers and sponsors will be flying into Belfast and will need to get from the airport to a their hotel or the venue. While many will just take bus, train or taxi, for some a ride from a friendly community member would be a nicer way to begin their WCBelfast weekend. If you have a car and don’t mind doing an airport run or two, awesome.

Miscellaneous Help – For everything else that doesn’t have a category, just be on hand for when help is needed.

As a thank you to the folks who fill these crucial jobs, WordCamp Belfast tickets will be free to anyone who volunteers for 4 or more hours, and all volunteers will receive a free, volunteer t-shirt. If you’re interested please don’t delay, fill out the volunteer application form today. Thank you everyone; we could not run our WordCamp without you and we can’t wait to see you there.

Our call for volunteers has now closed, huge thanks to all who offered their help.

Thank you for your interest in helping making WordCamp Belfast a success!
If you have filled in the form to apply as a volunteers, we will be in touch with you soon.